Frames and Treasures

What do you treasure?  What is something that is precious to you?  Have you ever seen a movie or read a book with a fantastic plot where someone goes into dark attic or basement and finds a beautiful and mysterious box with some sort of treasure or secret inside?  -What if that secret, or that treasure was yours?   -Those secret photos that a lover took in college?  How about a necklace given to you by your grandmother or  your grandfather's war medals?  Perhaps you have keepsakes or souvenirs that you collected on a journey to a far away land.  Whatever the treasure, whatever the secret and whatever the meaning behind it, E.C. Brown Anomalies can make a frame or a container for it.  Whether it is a metal photo frame, a keepsake box or even an urn for the ashes of a loved one; your treasures will be safe and accommodated in a one-of-a-kind container that you'll be able to pass on to your grandchildren or perhaps keep as a secret so that they can discover it themselves.  Show me what you have and how you would like it displayed or protected and your treasures will have a home like no other.  Custom framing is also available. 

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