'Coronavirus Warrior'

Metal, 2020

by Ephraim C. Brown / E.C. Brown Anomalies.


'Coronavirus Warrior' is a poignant new piece by metal and Assemblage artist Ephraim C. Brown. This piece is meant to convey the weariness, desperation and the “Thousand-Yard Stare” of a healthcare worker on the front lines in the war against COVID-19. The face is deliberately ambiguous and androgynous, meaning that the person behind the mask could be anyone. This piece is meant to remind these brave and dedicated individuals that their service, sacrifice and resilience is noticed and appreciated, especially among the artistic community. The iconic photographs, depictions and representations of healthcare workers that we are now beginning to see may very well be the defining images of our time and our struggle against an invisible adversary; and it is justly so as there are few groups that are more worthy of iconic status than these brave healthcare workers. This piece is for them.

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